Main Bathroom Installation – September 2019

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  • Large walk in shower with a storage recces at the entrance of the shower. Fixed head and slide rail kit to give you two options of showering. We also positioned the controls for the shower at the entrance, so that you don’t get wet whilst turning the shower on.
  • Below the window sits the bath, with the controls on the wall. We have a hand shower to wash hair and also another storage recess to keep the area tidy.
  • To the left of the room, we have built 200mm stud work to house all pipework for the w.c and basin. The basin offers a lovely deep bowl and huge amounts of storage. The light kit adds another dimension to the basin and looks amazing with an illuminated mirror above.
  • Next to the basin we have a tall radiator, which can house all the towels you need. The dark colour contrasts well with the tiles and also ties in with the basin unit.
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