No matter how small your cloakroom may be, you can still get the most out of the space with a few little tips and tricks!

Magical Mirrors

When it comes to designing small spaces, mirrors are a great way of creating an illusion of space as well as easy way of providing light. The lighter the room, the bigger the space will look. Positioning the mirror smartly is also important, for example having a mirror at the end of the cloakroom which is directly in front of you as you walk in will make the room feel longer than it is. Mirrors are an easy way of taking a cloakroom to the next level.

Feature Tiles – Make a STATEMENT!

Choosing tiles can be difficult, especially when you need a tile to make a statement in a small space. Patterned floor tiles work extremely well, with many colours and styles to choose from, they are a great way to create a bold statement which is needed for a floor! Textured feature walls are also a fantastic way to add character to the space, whether its behind the basin or on a long wall, feature walls are a must have!


The centre piece of a funky cloakroom has got to be the basin, with many styles and options to choose from. We offer a large range of basins in lots of finishes with under cupboard lighting which sure does create a bold statement for your guests.