Built in tall storage 

We find that the most popular request in bathrooms is to have a walk in shower. On some occasions when designing larger bathrooms, you often find yourself with dead space at the end of a shower area or bath area. So why not think outside the box and create some deep tall storage unit, built into the same area to utilise the dead space. We install many of these as they look clean and offer so much storage.

Drawer storage

By far the easiest and simplest way to maximise storage in your bathroom is by selecting a basin that comes with a unit underneath it. Not only does it provide storage and use the space effectively, they are also great for adding colour and character to the bathroom as well as hiding pipework.  

Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture is the conventional way of creating storage in a bathroom. By fitting a run of furniture you wont be short of storage. On the basis that it is like fitting a mini kitchen in the bathroom, there are plenty of options when it comes to the units to maximise the storage capacity in your room. 

Modular tall storage

The most popular design in bathrooms now is the modular units that stand alone. A lot of the furniture ranges will offer basin units and matching tall units to complete the look you are after. There are many choices with the tall units, with some ranges offering linen baskets, glass shelves, internal drawers and mirrored insides. If you have the space, tall units are a great solution to boost your storage capacity in your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrored cabinets

Swapping your mirror above your basin is a simple way to upgrade the storage in your bathroom. It will also keep the area around your basin tidy, storing soaps, perfumes and toothbrushes. Many cabinets come with infrared on/off sensors, lighting, shaver sockets, usb ports and much more.